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Family Clinic's Links to Holistic Psychology Related Sites

Here are a few of our favorite links:

Helping Young Children Deal with Anger. A blog dedicated for parents with angry children.
Global Interactive Health by Christina Hyland
Chaplain Paul G.Durbin, Ph.D. Pastoral Care and Clinical Hypnotherapy
Patrick J. Hurley's ADD Coaching Clinic
The American Counseling Association
Foundations for Learning. This site is devoted to helping children with learning Disorders.
Depression Web Page
American Psychological Association
Psychology resources for Students and Professionals. A wide range of resources for those interested in Psychology.
A List of Alternative Health Care Options.
Kid Health Directory and Children's Health Directory on the Web

Sand Tray Links

Sandplay Therapist of America -An organization focused on sandtray therapy.
Transpersonal Sandplay Therapy Center -A site focused on the sand play of Margret Lowenfeld. Features several well written articles.
C.G. Jung, Analytical Psychology, and Culture page -A very good and extensive page on Jungian Therapy

If you feel we should include other links that are not listed above, please E-mail Your Family Clinic