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Ionized Water! Tyent machines takes your tap water (or your filtered tap water) and creates six types of water. Each type of water has unique properties that influence health and cleaning. Alcaline water is great for health benefits. Acid water can be used for cleaning. Tyent machines also give plain filtered tap water.

Tyent offers several models to choose from. They have units that fit on top of the counter (like the picture above on the left) and units that fit underneath the counter(like the picture above on the right). All units need water pressure to work and a source for electricity. They also require enough ionized minerals to be in the water. Most tap water has enough minerals to work, but it will not work on reverse osmosis filtered water or Zero water or distilled water.

The unit pictured on the left above is the above counter unit, Model MMP 9090 Turbo Water Ionizer. It comes with a life time warrentee. Maintenence is minimal and involves changing two filters every six months or longer depending on the amount of use. The filters are easy to take out and put in. It usually takes less than 5 minutes. Longer if it is your first time (but not much longer).

We have a Tyent Ionizer and we love it for the alkaline water. Not only is it great drinking water but we use the highest setting of alkaline water to wash strawberries and other fruit to get more of the pesticides off and they will last a week or two longer in the refrigerator than if we did not wash them.

We have enjoyed our contacts with Tyent. They are service orientated and have answered all our questions.

Click here to purchase one on sale for a limited time for 2,495.00. Shipping via ground is under $50.00 and if you live in Mississippi, you will need to pay Sales tax. Thus a Grand Total of 2,545.00 total and for those living in Mississippi, with sales tax the cost is $2,719.65.

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