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The Auditory Memory Game

Photo by Katerina Holmes on Pexels

The Auditory Memory Game

Photo by Katerina Holmes on Pexels

The Auditory Memory Game

Photo by Katerina Holmes on Pexels

Many children with ADHD have trouble remembering what they hear. Parents and teachers find themselves repeating instructions to them. This is an exercise to address this problem through neuro-development. Repeat this exercise often and within 30 days you should see an improvement with your child. Continue to do the exercise until mastery has been achieved.

Do not get frustrated if your child gets a little worse before she gets better. This is all part of the neuro-development process.

You have achieved mastery when the child is able to repeat back what you have said word for word with at least 80 percent accuracy of a paragraph from the child's reading text book at school (i.e., child's reading level). It is usually wise to repeat this exercise to mastery every year to insure that your child is able to understand and remember material at her grade level.

This game can be played anywhere. We recommend you play this game often (several times during the day). It only takes a minute or two to play the game. The object is to increase the child's ability to remember information that they hear. It will increase their ability to absorb and understand teacher's instructions. It should also help increase focus abilities in a classroom setting.

Materials Needed. In reality, no materials are needed. It is helpful to have some written sentences ready so that you can read them and check for accuracy.

Step by Step: The Auditory Memory Game

1. Obtain a list of sentences that are increasingly long or increasingly more difficult. Make sure the words are within your child's vocabulary. The sentences can be part of the child’s reader or any other age appropriate book.

2. Read the sentence to your child and have him/her tell it back to you word for word by using their memory.

3. Check for accuracy.

4. If accuracy is less than 95%, read the sentence again.

5. Have them tell it back to you word for word.

6. Check for accuracy.

7. If accuracy is less than 95%, read the sentence again.

8. Continue Steps 5 and 6 repeatedly until at least 95% accuracy has been achieved.

9. If the above process did not take long or was too easy for the child, read a harder or longer sentence.

10. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 until 95% accuracy is achieved on the new sentence.

Exercise: The Audiotry Memory Game.

Time: no more than 20 minutes. It usually only takes two or three minutes.

Recommended Frequency: four times a day at first, once a day when ability is three sentences or more.

Pretest: participant is unable to recall instructions that a teacher has given.

Mastery: participant is able to recall complex instructions word for word with 85 to 90 % accuracy.

Equipment: a list of sentences or stories (depending on the age level) for the child to repeat back

Additional comments: Best to do this game often and as a fun thing. You can do this anywhere. If your child is on medication, do this exerces in the evenings when the medication is wearing off.

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