The Family Clinic's Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorders Home Page


  • Holistic approach to childhood ADHD.
  • An exercise game to improve short term memory.
  • Two exercises to improve visual attention and decrease visual impulsivity.
  • A progressive muscle relaxation script to help children be calm.
  • Important concepts when using a behavior modification technique.
  • A checklist to determine if allergies are playing a role in your ADHD symptoms.
  • How to use Time-Out.


  • A very good book for school children to learn how to address ADHD symptoms using natural methods.
  • A kit to help children sit still and relax.
  • A kit to train a child to 'stay on task'.
  • A Current Phamplet on Medications used in treating ADHD.
  • A Share-ware Article on Nutrition and ADHD.


  • EEG Biofeedback Services provided in your own home.