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Does your child have difficulty completing school work because he/she constantly gets distracted? If so, self-monitoring may be helpful.

Self-monitoring is a behavioral technique to improve a child's ability to remain on task. This means that the child will remain completing homework or school work for a given amount of time (usually 20 minutes). The child does this by monitoring his/her own ability to remain focused on the task at hand.

Your Family Clinic LLC offers a simple kit to help you teach your child self-monitoring. This kit includes detail instructions and an audio CD with two types of audio cues (voice and vibes). The audio tracks are sounds that occur every 45 seconds to cue the child in making a mark on a record form that indicates if the child was on task or not. The technique involves three stages. The first stage is to teach your child self-monitoring. Next your child uses this technique to complete homework. Finally your child uses this technique at school to complete schoolwork. The overall goal is to have your child complete 20 minutes of school work within 20 minutes. The technique helps the child to remain on task and to focus on the school work.

The total cost of the kit is $4.99 for the downloadable version. To order by credit card or Paypal account, please click on the Paypal logo:

The cost is $16.00 U.S. dollars for an audio CD version (shipping and handling included) You will also have access to the downloadable version. To order by credit card, please click on the Paypal logo:

This is for the Audio CD Version ($16.00):

To order via check or money order, make it payable to Your Family Clinic and send it to Your Family Clinic, 67 Mars Hill Road, Petal, MS 39465. You may wish to include your name, address, E-mail address and phone number. Make sure you let us know that it is the Self-Monitoring Kit that you want.

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