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Temperature Biofeedback Kit

It is easy to learn and use!

Many children can use assistance in learning self control. Temperature Biofeedback is a tool to help children (and adults) better control their bodies. While simple and fun to learn, temperature biofeedback teaches how to relax and sit still. We recommend temperature biofeedback for children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Manic Depressive Disorder, Allergies that effect behavior, Enuresis and Incopresis (bet wetting and soiling) and any situation where anxiety is part of the disorder.

We are not claiming your child's disorder will be cured by temperature biofeedback. What we are saying is that temperature biofeedback will help your child develop additional tools to deal with anxiety, hyperactivity, impulsivity and anger. The more coping tools children have, the better they are able to function in life. Temperature biofeedback goes great with other techniques (e.g., medication, parenting skills, EEG biofeedback) and has NO side effects!

Probably the best part of temperature biofeedback is that it is inexpensive, quick to learn, and can be used in a variety of settings. By following the included instructions, children learn to relax and warm their hand. Within one to three tries most children can master the technique. Once the technique is mastered, children can warm their hands without the equipment at church, school, grocery stores, or anywhere else. Thus your child can have self control in many places.

The kit includes the following:

  • An indoor/outdoor thermometer that provides a digital display and updates every few seconds.
  • Complete written instructions.
  • A CD containing a MPG video demonstration and instructions.
  • Instructions on relaxation and guided imagery.
  • A record form to monitor progress.
  • Two free consultations via the internet with our Family Clinic Staff.

    The total cost of the kit is $28.00 U.S. dollars (shipping and handling included). The thermometer without the instructions is $24.00 (shipping and handling included). If you purchase a kit, additional thermometers are only $20.00 each (shipping and handling included). To order, pleasesend a check or money order payable to the Family Clinic. Our address is:

    Your Family Clinic, 67 Mars Hill Road, Petal, MS 39465.

    Please also include your name, address, E-mail address andphone number. Make sure you let us know that it is the Temperature Biofeedback Kit that you wish.

    Or pay with bank card or credit card through Paypal by clicking the Paypal button:

    To view what you will receive with your order, click here .

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