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Your Family Clinic: Notes from the Parent Autism Support Group held on December 18, 2020 via Zoom

Photograph by Louis Reed on Unsplash.

Notes from the Autism Spectrum Disorders Parent Support Group on December 18, 2020

sponsored by Your Family Clinic, LLC

Photograph by Louis Reed on Unsplash.

Notes from Autism Spectrum Disorders Parent Support Group on December 18, 2020

Sponsored by Your Family Clinic, LLC

Photograph by Louis Reed on Unsplash.

Our guest speaker for this month’s Autism Spectrum Disorder Parent Support Group was Dr. Kirby Thompson, ND, MSOM, LAc who is a Naturalpathic Doctor. She practices at Wildflower Wellness LLC which shares a building with Vitamins Plus Healthfood Store in Hattiesburg. Her private practice is located at 427 Weathersby Rd Hattiesburg, MS 39402. Her office phone number is: 601-287-3837.

Dr. Thomplson discussed that Autism has many etiologies. Each child with Autism is different and their bodies have different needs. There is never one cure or one supplement that will help all children with autism. The same can be said about other diagnoses as well (e.g., ADHD, Bipolar Disorder). There are limits to modern medicine. Modern medicine behaves as if the thing to do is to give every one the same thing that has a diagnosis and things will get better. It is the symptoms that tell the doctor what is needed. Naturalpaths want to treat the individual and not the symptoms.

In generaly there may be certain things that help with Autism Spectrum Disorders. However, these things depend on the indiviual's body and make up. Fish Oil, Choline, minerals, and B complex may be helpful. However, one needs to see how your body works to see if you will be able to utilize the B vitamins and other supplements that the individual may be taking.

To learn what the body is likely to need involves testing. There are expensive genetic tests to see how your body deals with B vitamins. These tests work with someone. Some people tend to get better even without genetic testing. Dr. Kirby talked about some issues regarding DNA testing. She talked about Epigenetics. Some people may have the genetic markers for a chronic illness and never get the chronic illness. It is often based on DNA and enviromental issues.

In addition, what we give people can change the DNA. In addition, you can change children so they will no longer be on the Autism spectrum. Dr. Thompson's nephew had it happen to him. It took 8 years, but he is no longer on the Autism spectrum

Children on the Autism Spectrum often have stomach issues. They often have sensitivities to foods and chemicals in their environment. Majority of sensitivities are dairy (doesn’t mean a lactose problem) potatoes, and eggs. Their sensitivities often lead to stomach problems.

Taking kids off of wheat was very helpful according to studies. Some kids are allergic to fruit. It is good to get the child checked for food sensitivities.

Neurological and behavioral can be caused by these sensitivities. The process is believed to be related to damage to the nerve cells of the brain. Fish oil can give the body the fatty acids that it needs to make repairs.

When treating individuals, certain conditions take priority. For example, if someone has lyme disease and symptoms related to blood sugar, it would be best to treat the symptoms of blood sugar and then address the lyme disease.

In treating children with Autism, it is hard to be consistent with their treatment. For example, it is so easy to get off a diet. Children have access to a wide variety of foods at school and it is hard for them to resist their cravings.

There are ways to get good information about what is going on with your child. One way is to be tested. Dr. Thompson can test children at her office at Wildflower Wellness LLC. They are open Monday through Thursday.

There are several types of testing.

  • Alisa testing - has to do immune system (Igg) The problem is that sensitivities tend to change over time. They may change drastically within six months to a year. This test comes in a kt and costs between $325.00 to $350.
  • The Biome test involves a stool sample. The kit cost about 400 -500 dollars to test.
  • The Carroll Food Intolerance Evaluation tells you what foods not to combine and what not to eat. It can also tell you about cell salt. Such knowledge can help in the detox process involving your lymphatic system. Currel Food assessment will never change (unless you get a blood transfusion) and only costs $175.00. It involves a finger prick and they usually have the results within a couple of weeks. The test will tell you what should never eat, what food you should never mix, and the salts that will help heal the body.

More information can be found at Wildflower Wellness LLC. At Vitamin’s Plus there have a special of 20% off the first Tuesday of the month.

Other information presented included:

  • Diet - the best way is to pull you off everything that is harmful and get on a good diet. Take the bad food out of the house.
  • Starve a fever - (put yourself on water fast – cold showers).
  • Sugar has been shown to shut your immune system down for 24 hours...
  • Some people believe that if you are healthy, you should be sick twice a year. If you never get sic, you may have an overactive immune system. If you are sick more than that, it is likely that you have an underactive immune system.
  • Thyroid issues emerge between the ages 2 to 7. That is when the thyroid develops. The brain is fully developed at the age of 29. The cardio vascular system does not fully develop till college years.
  • Currently there is no need for the chicken pox vaccine, but it is still required in many circles.
  • Research studies show that pub med that the cancer vaccine does not prevent cervical cancer at all.
  • HPV greater risk of cancer if you have had the vaccine according to a 2007 or 2008 study.
  • When sending a child to school and you want to reduce the number of vaccines, look at the vaccines that are mandated by law. They are likely to be different than what the school recommends and what the Center for Disease Control recommends.
  • Hypoglycimea - causes the Adrenal glands to over produce neuro-transmitters....
  • Adrenal Glands... Way too much epinephrine and norepinephrine ....
  • Causes an edgy nervous system to be more excited.
  • Some people can use herbs and supplements to normalize blood sugar.
  • Homeopathic remedies are often helpful. There are homeopathic detox formulas that help the body detox over time and are relatively safe.
  • It is important not to give children lots of things to take. Treatment depends on the child. Address the human being, not the disease.

More information can be found at Wildflower Wellness LLC. Dr. Thompson's phone number is 601-287-3837. She a video blog once a month and they can be found at You Tube.

We thank everyone that participated in this Support Group meeting. Thank you Dr. Kirby Thompson for your services, insight and expertise.

The above photo was by Louis Reed on Unsplash.com. We thank Louis for sharing the work. Your Family Clinic LLC recieves no monitary rewards from any of the links displayed on the main section of this page.