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Your Family Clinic's Bipolar Disorders Page

This page represents a holistic approach for treating individuals with Manic Depression. This page offers only guidelines for treatment. We can not take responsibility for anyone's actions. Manic Depression is a difficult disorder and we recommend you use these suggestions with professional guidance from a qualified Psychiatrist. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Your Family Clinic.


  • An introduction to holistic treatment of Manic Depressive Disorders.

  • Accelerated Conditioning. Reproduced here with Neal Engelking's permission.

  • Nutritional recommendations for Depression.

    Books through the bookstore

    The Depression Workbook : A Guide for Living With Depression and Manic Depression by Mary Ellen Copeland and Wayne London, ISBN: 1879237326.
    A classic workbook on Depression and now includes Manic-Depression.

    Prescription for Nutritional Healing by James F. Balch, M.D. and Phyllis A. Balch, C.N.C. Clark, ISBN: 0895297272.
    Written by a M.D. and loaded with helpful information covering many physical and emotional disorders.

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  • BiPolar Disorders


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