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Your Family Clinic's Toys for Skill Development

Educational Products

    Welcome to our Educational Store! You may order these products now from your computer or later from your local educational store. To order them now, just click on the desired title and follow the directions at each link. To order from your local store, you may wish to copy the product's title and manufacturer. If you have a question about an item, please ask us. If you have questions regarding your order or using the Amazon system, please direct these questions to Amazon.com.

    Auditory Processing

    Bop It by Hasbro. This irritating to parents game is excellent to help children develop their auditory processing skills. It requires quick processing. Most children really enjoy this game and their friends will want to do it too. For kids that have trouble with hand-ey coordination, this is a great toy. It also builds eye muscles.

    Extreme Bop It by Hasbro. Like the first Bop It but more complex. For children with auditory processing problems, you may wish to start out with the regular Bop It and then graduate to Extreme Bop It. It has all the advantages of the original Bop It, only more.

    Reading and English

    LeapFrog Phonics Bus by LeapFrog. A great way to learn phonics. Designed for preschoolers and children in Kindergarten using a phonics method to read. A great way to train a child's ear early.

    Magnetic Poetry Kids Kit by Magnetic Poetry. To be used as a creative expression tool. According to the manufacturers, it plays and important part in language development by igniting a love of language and word play.


    Crayola Model Magic 2-pound Bucket in Assorted Colors by Crayola. This clay is great for working with children who have Dyslexia as defined by Ron Davis. Clay helps these children learn words that have no visual or mental image (e.g. and, the, of). Crayola Model Magic is not greasy nor messy. It is fun to work with but dries in 24 hours. SOI remediation for NFU.

    The Gift of Dyslexia by Ron Davis, ISBN: 039952293X.
    This book is a must for parents with children having dyslexia. It explains why dyslexic children have their symptoms and what you can do about it. The strengths of dyslexia are also explained. We recommend you seek a professional to do the actual remediation explained by the book.


    Simon by Hasbro. This game works on auditory and visual memory. Many children with learning disorders have memory problems. This helps to overcome these problems. SOI Skill: MSU.

    Original Memory by Hasbro. This is a classic memory game that works on visual memory. All young children should play this game or one like it. SOI Skill: MSU.

    Teletubbies Memory Game by Hasbro. A fun game for fans of the Telletubbies. SOI Skill: MSU.


    The Montessori Method by Maria Montessori, & J. McV Hunt, ISBN: 0805209220.
    If your child is having trouble with math or comprehending semantic systems, this book is highly recommended. It teaches parents and teachers Montessori techniques. SOI remediation for CSS.

    Super Source for Cuisenaire Rods, Grades 5 & 6. by Cuisenaire Co, ISBN: 1574520059.
    To use this book effectively you will need to purchase Cuisenaire Rods. Good way to teach math. Other books available for younger grades. SOI remediation for NST, EST, ESS.

    IQ Builders

    Tune Your Brain With Mozart - Focus by Deutsche Grammophon . This CD has music to build I.Q. and improve focus. Some research suggests that listening to Mozart may raise I.Q. up to 9 points. This Mozart collection has music to relax, focus and raise I.Q. Our experience with this CD has been positive. Some individuals may dislike classical music and may find the music counter-productive. Most children and adults should find the music helpful. This is also a great buy, the price is less than ten dollars!

    Mozart Effect: Music for Children Tune Up Your Mind by Don Campbell. A box set of three CD's and has music to build I.Q. and relax for children. Also available in single CD purchases

    Vision Development

    Liquid Motion Kaleidoscope by Schylling. Kaleidoscopes are a fun way to do vision training. SOI Skill: CFC.

    Puzzle Island by Paul Adshead, ISBN: 0859534030. Search for the hidden objects (mostly animals). Very colorful and delightful. SOI Skill: CFU.

    Look-Alikes Jr.: Find More than 700 Hidden Everyday Objects by Joan Steiner, Thomas Lindley, ISBN: 0316813079. A book that has you search for different objects. Very interesting and fun. SOI Skill: CFU.

    Can You Believe Your Eyes : Over 250 Illusions and Other Visual Oddities by J. Richard Block, Harold E. Yuker, ISBN: 0876306954. A fun and excellent book with many visual illusions. SOI Skill: CFU.

    Spatial Problem Solving with Cuisenaire Rods by Patricia Davidson, & Robert E. Willcutt, ISBN: 0201480271.
    To use this book effectively you will need to purchase Cuisenaire Rods. Good for vision therapy and developing math skills. SOI remediation for NST, NFT, EST, ESS.

    Other Products

    Symbol Simon Card Game by University Games. This game helps children work on interpreting symbols. SOI Skill: ESC.

    Set Game by Set Enterprises Inc. A fun Game that helps children look for patterns and relationship. SOI Skill: DSR.

    Plexers; Grade 4 and Up by D. Hammond, J. Scales (Contributor), T. Lester (Contributor), ISBN: 0866511105.
    Plexers are word puzzles like YYUR, YYUB, ICUR YY4ME. The authors have produced another book that is currently unavailable through Amazon called More Plexers. Both books are excellent and fun. SOI: NSI, CMI

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