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Your Personal Guide to Holistic Services

Do you find mental health treatment options sometimes confusing? Do you or your loved one have a chronic mental illness that has not been addressed satisfactorily by traditional therapies? Are you interested in alternative treatment options, but do not know where to begin? If any of the above are true, we invite you to try a holistic approach to treatment. We offer a guided service for holistic treatment of most chronic psychological problems. We also address several physical problems that are influenced by stress or emotional problems. We will guide you through the maze of applied Holistic Psychology.

As your guide, we will coordinate appropriate healing arts for your benefit. We make house calls to develop a holistic treatment plan. Working together we will do what ever it takes to heal the body to the extent possible and maximize cognitive, emotional and physical functioning.

The advantages of our Holistic Approach to Treatment are as follows:

  • We take advantage of Healing arts that are appropriate for your ailment. We are not limited by one healing approach.
  • Our focus is on healing the body and mind, not just addressing the symptoms.
  • You have access to all laboratory reports, psychological tests and medical information.
  • We use licensed practitioners in the State where you live who are willing to become part of a Holistic treatment team.
  • We do not limit ourselves to popular tests that HMO’s PPO’s or managed care companies approve of. We recommend tests that are appropriate for your ailment.
  • We can offer 24 hour supervision for children with severe behavior problems.
  • We design effective treatment for your unique personal needs and circumstances.
  • Treatment goals are behaviorally determined and we evaluate progress throughout the course of treatment.
  • We develop a treatment plan at the beginning of our service. This treatment plan only changes when medical, diagnostic or laboratory information warrant changes.
  • You provide the major input for treatment decisions. We work for you. We are not working for a hospital, managed care provider, or mental health center.
  • Since we are not providing the actual treatment, we do not have a vested interest to recommend one treatment option over another one. We will choose the treatment options we feel will give you the most benefit in accompishing your goals.
  • All recommendations and treatment procedures are explained in detail and with easy to understand language.
  • We attempt to accomplish what has been accomplished by others. For example, we do what it takes to replicate Dr. Jerry Winger’s results of raising IQ scores on the average of 24 points for his students in his special education class. When treating Manic Depressive Disorder or Bipolar Disorder, we attempt to have our clients symptom free and medicine free within a two year period. In treating Autistic Children, we attempt to maximize their functioning to as normal as possible. With brain injury we attempt to regain functioning as quick as possible and very close to previous levels of functioning. Our improvement gains will be expressed in clear and measurable terms. Again our goal is to heal the body as much as is possible.
  • In some cases medications are used in a way to stabilize the body so that other healing methods will be more effective. We do this by parsimoniously utilizing all healing arts that are applicable to a specific ailment.
  • We seek to treat all the disorders listed in the DSM-IV and medical conditions that have a strong psychological component (e.g., fibro myalgia, chronic pain, physical problems that developed following the death of a loved one).
  • We take a scientific approach to treatment.
  • Much of the success of our service will be due to the cooperation among healing providers, and the way they artfully apply their scientific methods of healing.
  • We are able to travel to most parts of the world to provide our services.
  • Qualifications and character references provided upon request.
  • We keep all inquires and services confidential. We never have, nor ever will, sell mailing lists.
  • Limitations to our services.

  • Though our goals are high, as with all healing services, we can not guarantee success.
  • There is an overall limitation with all healing arts. None are as developed as far as the physical sciences (e.g., physics). There is much about the human body and healing that we simply do not know.
  • Our services are relatively expensive. It would be unrealistic to expect that we could treat a chronic ailment for under $10,000.00 (U.S. currency). We feel our services are expensive in the short run but cost effective over the long term.
  • Many of the laboratory tests and services that we will recommend may not be covered through standard insurance plans. We will attempt to use standard providers that are covered by your insurance whenever possible.
  • A few disorders currently are not possible to heal (e.g., advance stages of Alzheimer Disease), though some improvement in functioning may be temporarily possible.
  • Some of the services that we will recommend may not have been scientifically validated in peer review journals.

    If you are interested in this service, please contact us through E-mail. We generally respond to E-mail within 24 hours. We ask that only serious individuals inquire about this service. We do not want to waste your time or ours.

    Please contact us for more informaiton. We can be reached by E-mail by clicking here. Our regular mailing address is Your Family Clinic, 67 Mars Hill Road, Petal, MS 39465.
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