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Methods to Strengthen SOI abilities.

The Structure of Intellect (SOI) is a method to improve cognitive abilities and is useful to everyone. Everyone can benefit by improving their intellectual abilities. Over the last fifty years SOI has been used by Universities who have gifted programs, by schools interested in developing cognitive skills of all their students, and by remediation programs designed to assist individuals with learning disorders. Some juvenile justice programs use it to help rehabilitate juvenile delinquents. It is even used to improve stroke victims and individuals with brain damage. The SOI is an intelligence test that comes with a treatment plan on how to improve cognitive skills. The test provides information on a person's cognitive strengths and weaknesses. Strengths are to be appreciated and utilized while weaknesses are to be developed.

We recommend that everyone who has been tested, use the "modules" that are developed by SOI systems. These modules can be enhanced by everyday activities and games. Below is a chart that suggests games and activities that will enhance a particular SOI ability. If you are interested in obtaining the game, book, or activity, simply click on the word. Some activities are free. Many activities can be performed at home or found within the home. Some are commonly available at retail stores while others are difficult to find, but can be purchased through the internet.

Some activities are too difficult for young children and are more appropriate for high school students and adults. The chart is organized such that the first "methods" to strengthen abilities are easy enough for children in the first and second grades. The last "methods" are better suited for older individuals. If you have any questions about these recommendations, please feel free to contact us at dan@yourfamilyclinic.com. If you have any comments about this page, please let us know. For more information about the Structure of Intellect, please feel free to click here.

SOI Learning Ability Curricular Area Methods to Strengthen this Ability (in addition to the modules)
Comprehension: CFU Reading readiness Visual functions exam, small B&W TV set, magnifying glass, books on science, , connect the dot books, Simon, Simon on the Internet, Tachistoscope, Candy land, Differix (Ravensburger), Puzzle Island, Can You Believe Your Eyes, What's Wrong?: Playing cards (Y & B Associates), More Illusions and Visual Oddities (Y & B Associates), microscope, speed reading.
CFC Reading readiness Color and shape bingo (Trend Enterprises), classifications, sorting and organizing activities, classification games (ABC), Shape and Color Sorters (ABC), sort and put away clothes, put away groceries, set the table, Card games: Go Fish & Battle, Matching games using colors, shapes or objects. Sort-a Card (Instructo), bird feeder, Kaleidoscopes, rock collecting , gems, coin collecting, stamp collecting, etc. Cataloging data, C.D.'s, tapes, videos. Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Plants, bird watching, .
CFS Mathematics croquet, maps and puzzles of countries and states, Join Scouts, 4-H, Campfire Girls, string games, Lego sets, Lincoln Logs, make maps to well-known places, Magnetic Fractional Circles (Instructo), Sequence Cards (Milton Bradley), Counting Bars (Ideal), Cubical Counting Blocks (Ideal), Toy Money (Continental Press), seasons ,Telephones (Fisher-Price), Bead Boards (Preschool-Elementary Ed), Stamina Power Blocks, Checkers, Karate, or the martial arts, playing a musical instrument, dancing, chess, sports, woodworking.
CFT Mathematics Power Blocks (Stamina), origami, helping make repairs, Karate or the martial arts, Tetris, gymnastics, soccer, baseball, stencils, dance, 3-D puzzles .
CSR Arithmetic / Mathematics Jr. Puzzle books (Penny Press), magic books, Symbol Simon, puzzles, mazes, coloring books, computer use,codes and cipher books.
CSS Arithmetic / Mathematics , cooking, measuring ingredients, measuring rooms, objects and distances, calculator>, Abacus, arithmetic games, Cuisenaire rods, three piece number puzzles, Math their Way (Seymour), Dominoes, picture counting books, three piece number puzzles, Math their Way, Solitaire, Rummy, Computer Arithmetic games, Have children count out the dishes and utensils needed for meals, Measuring Cups, Allowances and savings, Montessori, computer arithmetic games, Bingo for Young & Old (Whitman)
CMU Reading & Language arts Sullivan Series, vocabulary cards, Reading books aloud, library trips, local places of interest, trips to the museum, Children's Highlights, increase experience with two-way conversations, look at picture books to name new and unusual things in the pictures, use new words, Readers Digest word builder, aphorisms books, code-words, and crosswords, Internet cross word puzzle, reading.
CMR Reading & Language arts Pictorial analogies, solar system puzzles, games from Science magazines, analogical games on computers, metaphors, Mind Benders (CTP) cause-and-effect explanations, crossword puzzles, Internet cross word puzzle, scrabble, cooking lessons at home,Native American folklore books, The Possible Human (Tarcher),critical thinking games, The Mother Tongue (SNB).
CMS Reading & Language arts Mother May I game, Going on a Bear Hunt, all sequenced games, Sequencing Cards (ABC), Give instructions slowly: one at a time, then two, then three. Command Game, Board and card games,), American history biography books, encyclopedia, Have child tell a story using the pictures in a book to sequence the events. Use self-esteem remarks, Comparisons (Diagram Group), Dictionary of American Idioms, Interpret political cartoons, Goosebumps series (Stine), books by Demming, Computer SAT (GE), Schrodinger's Kittens and the Search for Reality, winning scholarship money,
Memory: MFU Reading & Language arts Hide and Seek, where is __? Questions, music lessons, keep lists for Christmas, General memory development, Concentration and other memory games, Simon, Simon on the Internet, Trivia, Charades, Memory Madness (SNB)
MSU-visual Reading readiness Spelling and arithmetic facts while bouncing on a trampoline, spelling games, flash cards, help make grocery lists and shop, manage allowance, Simon, Simon on the Internet, summarize books to adults, summarize TV plots to parents, computer memory games, complex board games.
MSS-visual Reading readiness Speak and Spell, scavenger hunts, retell stories from TV and movies, spelling games, Wheel of Fortune, Memory and concentration games, Internet concentration game, music lessons, learn a foreign language.
MSU-auditory Arithmetic Drama roles in plays, music lessons, foreign language, memorize songs,poems and scriptures, Memory Games, Magnetic Names & Symbols (Instructo), Number Names & Symbols (Instructo), Simon, Simon on the Internet, Music lessons, metronome use while repeating facts.
MSS-auditory Arithmetic Music lessons, foreign language lessons, children's opera,little theater roles to act out, Trivia, Yahtzee, bird song tapes, do arithmetic on the trampoline, Command Game, Campbell's Introduction to the Musical Brain, Bower Cubes, Tomatis' method, Bridge.
MSI Reading & Language arts mazes, coloring books, Mysteries, Memory games, folktales audiotapes, Kinetic Kaleidoscope, give answers to arithmetic problems and request the problem, Learn computer programing, Concentration, Internet concentration game, Clue, Mindtrap (SNB).
Judgments about: EFU Reading readiness/


singsong reading, spelling, Cutting and tracing with templates, safe toy crossbow, Where's Waldo books, Children's Highlights, Tachistoscope, sports, baseball, soccer, cutting and tracing with templates, Differix (Ravensburger), Puzzle Island (Discovery Toys), Hobbies:, astronomy, sports, fishing, sewing, Using binoculars, microscope.
EFC Reading readiness Archaeology books for children, museum trips, sorting cloths and putting them away, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?, travel study, science books, solitaire card games, Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants (SNB)
ESC Arithmetic / Mathematics Penny Press puzzles, Paleontology (Zephry), make a model of the solar system, dart games, Symbol Simon (University Games), Seymour Puzzles and Books, magic games, puzzles, Comparisons (Diagram Group), chart of elements puzzle, Science News products, Zero Sum Society (Thurow)
ESS Arithmetic / Mathematics Recipe books for children, fraction games, Cuisenaire Rods (CP), Montessori, Help in household repairs, measuring objects, chemistry, computer math games.
Problem-solving: NFU Writing Simple sewing activities, oil paints, and watercolors, potato sculpting and carving, dancing, embroidery, cooking, sculpting, Writing Exercise (Dan Moore), hidden alphabetic, pegboard pattern cards, drawing stencils, sandpaper shapes and letters, follow-the-dot books, coloring books, art materials, yarn lacing cards (Developmental Learning), Play Dough, play sports, typewriter, artist templates, Puzzle Island (Discovery Toys), Typing, art, drafting, computer graphics, The Knots Book (Publishers Choice), Dover Publications, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain (Edwards), jigsaw puzzles, Crystal Radio (SNB), Teifoc Brick Building Kit (SNB), Frank Lloyd Wright Jigsaw Puzzle.
NSS Arithmetic Flash Cards: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division (Milton Bradley), An allowance and savings account, blackboard and chalk for homework, Pre-Computer 2000, help grocery shop, Comparisons (Diagram Group), Computer arithmetic games, Dominoes, Dale Seymour books, Math Reasoning (CTP), Bridge, card games, e The Story of a Number (SNB), Rapid Math Tricks, and Tips (SNB), 200% of Nothing (SNB)
NST Reading Easy and interesting books, tracing of words, Being read to nightly, speed-reading courses, scheduled library time, word games, Internet Word Search, Scrabble, Dell & Penny Press crosswords, Internet cross word puzzle, puzzles, Wheel of Fortune game.
NSI Mathematics Logic games, Penny Press and Dell puzzle books, card games, dominos, Kid Pix computer game, mazes, home scales for weighing food, Plexers and More Plexers (Dale Seymour Pub.) Bridge, Thinking Skills (Samson), Books by Arthur Whimbey, Chess, Market Forces (GE), The Cartoon Guide to Physics (SNB), math games on computer, Exploring Chemical Elements and Their Compounds (SNB).
Creativity: DFU Spatial/

Graphic arts

designing arts and crafts, Artist templates, design and plant a garden, Thinking Upside Down (GCT), Paint the Wild Frogs (SNB), art, sculpting, carving, Design Birdhouse (GE), Fun Thinker Tiles and Books, Think-It-Through Tiles and Books (Discovery Toys), Pictionary, Dover Publications
DSR Mathematics Programing Calculator and computer use, exploring and mapping nature trails, music lessons, Math games, magic squares, Set: The card game of Visual Perception (Set Enterprises), Computer Math Games (LS), Murdock's Spinning Inward.
DMU Creative writing Encourage creative stories using tape recorder, mystery books, creative writing, make a cookbook, Understanding our Feelings (Instructo), Mad Magazine and other satire, & joke books, Conceptual BlockBusting (Adams), Put Your Monther on the Ceiling (DeMille), book discussions, drama, Pictionary, keeping a journal.

The top photograph was by Les Anderson on Unsplash. We are grateful.