A game to improve problem solving skills.

FreeCell is a card game on most Windows based computers. Unlike Solitaire, almost every deal is a winner. Reportedly, only game 11982 is unsolvable. The rest are solvable. Some deals are more difficult than others, but if you try hard enough you can win (except for game number 11982).

People with good convergent or problem solving skills may find FreeCell too easy and not much fun. On the other hand, people with poor convergent skills may find FreeCell too frustrating. The majority of us find FreeCell so fun that it is almost addicting. We are always looking for good challenging games to see for ourselves if each one is truly solvable.

Below is a list of game numbers that we find challenging. The first two are very challenging. Selecting a game in FreeCell is easy: Click on Start, Click on Accessories, Click on Games, Click on FreeCell, Click on Game, Click on Select Game or press F3, and enter one of the numbers below:

Have fun! Remember that each one you do, may improve your convergent or problem solving abilities.

Note: Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Inc. The Free Cell name is in the public domain and appears in many popular packages of computer solitaire games. We want to thank Michael Keller for viewing this web page and suggesting corrections. To obtain additional information about Free Cell visit The Frequent Asked Questions on Free Cell.