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Links to Neuro-Developmental Models for Learning Disorders

Photograph by Tim Johnson on Unspash.

Links to Neuro-Developmental Models for Learning Disorders

Photograph by Tim Johnson on Unspash.

Links to Neuro-Developmental Models for Learning Disorders

Photograph by Tim Johnson on Unspash.

Here are a few of our favorite models to treat Learning Disorders:

1. The Structure of Intellect Learning Systems


This is one of our favorites. It is relatively inexpensive and a great place to start when treating all kinds of learning disorders that relate to school performance.

2. Pace


They probably get the fastest results of them all. It is a great model for reading disorders, increasing memory, increasing attention, and increasing mental processing speed. It is not so effective in treating math disorders.

3. Mel Levine’s: All Kinds of Minds Institute


This is probably the most comprehensive model for learning disorders. Its strength is in assessment and its weakness is in intervention. They offer the most information for free. They handle all types of disorders including math and social skills disorders.

4. Reading Rockets


Reading Rockets offers more information about chosing a remedial reading program. They have lots of information to help you decide which reading program is best for your child.

5. Relationship Development Intervention (RDI)


This is the place for children with Autism or Aspergers synderom to learn how to have effective relationships and social skills. A very impressive model and well mapped out.

6. The Interactive Metronome


Another pure neuro-developmental model. This technique is great at attention deficit disorders and processing speed.

7. Tomatis


An oldie but goodie for auditory processing problems. It is relatively expensive.

8. Ron Davis Model

            www.dyslexia.com or www.davisdyslexia.com

When it works, it works good. We have seen adolescent and pre-adolescent children with reading disorders become cured in four easy sessions. They have additional techniques for the children who take a little longer.

9. Earobics

            only used ones are available

The most affordable approach for individuals with reading and spelling problems that are caused by auditory processing problems. Used CD software are often available on E-bay.

10. Fast ForWord


A relatively expensive program for auditory processing problems and reading disorders.

11. Lindamood-Bell Learning Centers


Another neuro-developmental approach for reading problems and processing problems.

12. Brain Train


Great computer software to develop attention skills. Also great for individuals who have lost cognitive skills due to brain injury.

13. Locutour


They develop great software for children with mental retardation and related disorders.

14. Ralph Reitan’s Rehabit Program


Another oldie but goodie. Designed for individuals who have seen a Neuro-Psychologist. It is relatively expensive.

15. EEG Biofeedback Models


They use EEG biofeedback to treat learning disorders and attention problems.

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