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Your Family Clinic's Favorite Links to General Information

Photograph by Tim Johnson on Unspash.

Your Family Clinic's Favorite Links to General Information

Photograph by Tim Johnson on Unspash.

Your Family Clinic's Favorite Links to General Information

Photograph by Tim Johnson on Unspash.

Here are some of our favorite links:

Health Related Links

The Health Ranger: Mike Adams. A website full of information to learn about health and a healthy lifestyle.
Food Matters A website dedicated to eating healthy and fighting against poor quality and health debilitating foods.
Dr. Hyman's podcast on the Broken Brain. A great resource to learn more about functional medicine.
Chaplain Paul G.Durbin, Ph.D. Pastoral Care and Clinical Hypnotherapy
Health4Kid Health Directory and Children's Health Directory on the Web.
NiceRx A way to get your prescriptions for only $49.00 a month.
How to Get Rid of Musty Smell in House? (Combat the Root Cause)
How to Fight Indoor Air Pollution and Save on Home Insurance at the Same Time.
Cleaning products to avoid if you have allergies
Doctor Christopher's School of Herbal Healing. An Oldie but Goodie in Herbal Healing.
How to Overcome your Fear of Therapy.
How your Emotions Affect Your Health.


Bathroom Safety Tips for Caregivers
What is Assisted Living?
Assisted Living in Mississippi
A Guide to Medical Alert Systems


Treatment Options for Seasonal Allergies.
A Guide to Skin Allergies.
The Most Common Home Humidity Levels That Can Trigger Allergies.

Cancer Related Links

Skin Cancer Awareness.
A Guide To Sunburn and Skin Cancer.
An Ultimate Guide to Skin Cancer Prevention.
A Resource for Information on Lung Cancer.
Mesothelioma and Your Mental Health. If you were like me and did not know what Mesthelioma is, check out their fact sheet.
A Guide to Mesothelioma.
Causes of Mesothelioma.

Chemical Dependency Treatment Links

Do You Have a Drinking Problem? 11 Warning Signs to Know.
The Benfits of Rehab.
Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal.
Support for Families of Addicts
Comprehensive Guide About Heroin and Addiction.
Get Off Methadone and Subutex for Good Brutal Truths About Methadone Maintenance Therapy
Adderall Guide Understanding addiction to Adderall.

Treating Pain without Opioids.
Helping Families Combat the Dangers of Vaping.
Recovery Plans for Teens and Young Adults Prove Troublesome Amid COVID-19. What to Expect…
Help to find treatment facilities for teenagers and young adults who have substance use problems.
College Students & Addiction How to Help Students Overcome Drug and Alcohol Use
Veteran Substance Abuse: A War on Home Soil for Veterans.
Help in finding a treatment facility for Substance Use Disorders
Another source for help in finding a treatment facility for Substance Use Disorders
An online treatment source for Substance Use Disorders
The costs of Chemical Dependency Treatment
An Addiction Guide: From addiction to Recovery
A comprehensive site on addiction to alcohol
Help to find an approved detox center in your area.
Anxiety And Addiction: The Connection Between Them.
Treating Complex PTSD During Rehab.
The Dangers Of Social Anxiety Disorder Leading To Addiction.
Influences of Religion and Spirituality in Medicine and Addiction Treatment.

Depression and other Disorders

How to Help a Teen with Depression.
If You Are Depressed, These Workouts Can Help.
Happiness and Depression: It is Possible to Feel Both.
Facts about Mental Illness. What you might like to know about mental illnesses.
What Are the Types of Mental Health Disorders? Learn more about mental health disorders and how to pursue treatment successfully.

Dissability Links

Guide to Home Ownership for People With Disabilities
Guide to Moving With Children With Disabilities
A Landlord and Tenant’s Guide to Renting With a Disability
7 Resources for People With Disabilities to Break Into Software Engineering Careers
Career Guide for People With Disabilities [Updated 2021]

Educational Links

Counseling resources for Students wanting an Online Master's Program. A wide range of resources for those interested in Counseling. It is similar to the above two sites, but has online resources.
Psychology resources for Students wanting an Online Master's Program. A wide range of resources for those interested in Psychology or Counseling.
Resources for Industrial Organizational Psychology. A starting place for individuals interested in Psychology as applied to business, organizations and industry.
The Diversity of Career Paths in Psychology A guide to careers in Psychology.
Christian Colleges A source of information about Christian Colleges.
Psychology Careers Guide. A comprehensive guide for careers in Psychology, including salary range.
Choosing a Psychology Specialization Help in making the choice of what area in Psychology might be best for you.
Find the best value in Higher Education. Compare programs at more than 6,000 schools.
College Planning Guide for Students with Mental Health Disorders How colleges and universities can assit in your struggle with Mental Illness.
A source of college resources for those with low grade point average
The College Guide for LGBTQ Students.
A Guide to College for Undocumented Students
2021 Guide to Colleges & Careers for Women in STEM
Guide To College for Students Experiencing Homelessness

Learning Disorders

The Structure of Intellect. Our favorite site to deal with Learning Disorders.
Plays.org They have hundreds of free educational and fun online games which can quickly be played from the browser. Be sure to check out their new math games and a favorite math game.
Learning Disorders and Law School: Strategies and Resources

Overcoming Hardship Links

Getting Over Grief: Understanding its Stages and How to Heal
How to Cope with a Sudden Loss of a Loved One
Decluttering After the Loss of a Loved One.
Assistance for Single Mothers.

Professional Organization Links

American Psychological Association
Psychology resources for Students and Professionals. A wide range of resources for those interested in Psychology.
The American Counseling Association

Technology and Safety

A Parents Guide: Internet Access for Kids How to make the Internet safe for your children.
Top 10 Senior Scams and How to Prevent Them Seniors Beware.

Tutoring Links

Math games to improve Math skills All kinds of games to learn math.
The Top 15 Educational Shows for Kids of All Ages It does not list Mr. Roger's programs, but lists 15 others.
A great resource to improve Math skills This is for Kindergarten though the 2nd Grade.

Sand Tray Links

Sandplay Therapist of America -An organization focused on sandtray therapy.
Transpersonal Sandplay Therapy Center A site focused on the sand play of Margret Lowenfeld. Features several well written articles.

Vision Links

9 Ways to Improve Your Eye Health & Eyesight -An organization focused on eye care.

Miscellaneous Links

How To Save Money On Groceries.
Know your DNA, Know your History. Click here to learn how to get started.
MyHeritage vs AncestryDNA - Which Ancestry Test is Best? [2020 Update]. Homeopathy for Animals.
The 10 Must-Have Writing Skills For Nonfiction Authors.
Free Grants for Veterans. A resource to help veterans.
Veteran Rights and Discrimination: Are You A Victim Of Veteran Discrimination? Another reource to help veterans.
Financial Assistance For Single Mothers. A resource to help families of single parents.
Free Grants For Felons. A resource to help felons get back on their feet.

Other Links

General Psychology Links from Your Family Clinic.
Links on Autism Spectrum Doisorders.
Links on Bipolar Disorders.
All About Treatment Centers for Learning Disorder Links.
Links on Nutrition.

If you feel we should include other links that are not listed above, please E-mail Your Family Clinic

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