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The Family Clinic's Medical and Psychopharmacology Page


  • List of medications commonly used to treat mental illness.

  • Information about the prescription drug: Ritalin.

  • How to Boost Mental Health While Living With Diabetes by Jane Grant

  • Tinnitus: Causes, Treatment and Management

  • The Relationship Between Mental Health And Erectile Dysfunction by Jane Grant

  • How to Optimize Your Sleep Quality and Quantity by Jane Robertson

  • How To Make Life Easier For Dementia Patients Living At Home by Jane Robertson

  • Going On A Road Trip? Here's How You Can Help Your Child Cope With Motion Sickness by Jane Robertson

  • Parents: Tips for Easing Allergy Issues At Home by Jane Grant

  • The Role Of Parents In Children's Dental Care by Jane Grant

  • A Guide to Cleaning Your Outdoor Playset by Jane Robertson

  • Yoga To Treat Chronic Pain by Erika Long