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Your Family Clinic's Nutrition Page


  • Mental Health in Children: Nutrition as a Common Sense Alternative to Medicaitons and Labels. by Scott M. Shannon, MD

  • Brief comments about the importance of vitamins and minerals.

  • Nutritional recommendations for children.

  • Nutritional recommendations for Depression.

  • Nutritional Supplements that Sharpen Vision and Hearing.

  • Nutritional Supplements that help patients with Alzheimer's Disease.

  • Nutritional Supplements that help patients with Parkinson's Disease.

  • An amateur nutritionist's list of favorite products.

  • Food and Vitamins that help brain development and function.

  • Article on the ingredients for a good multi-vitamin.


  • A Share-ware Article on Nutrition and ADHD.

  • Links

  • Our Favorite Links about Nutrition.

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