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Supplements for Patients with Parkinson's Disorder

The following information is excerts from Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D.'s book: Mind Boosters: A Guide to Natural Supplements that Enhance Your Mind, Memory, and Mood. To achieve the full benefits of his recommendations, we urge you to read his book completely. Also, please read our disclaimer before preceding further.

Tremor of the hands, rigidity, poor balance, and mild deterioration of the mind are all caused by Parkinson's Disease. Alzheimer's Disease has related symptoms. The substantia nigra, a small regionof the brain, deteriorates in patients with Parkinson's, therefore causing a major decline in dopamine level. There are mainly three approaches that can help this disease. They include taking L-dopa, use drugs that block the breakdown of dopamine, or use drugs that influence dopamine receptors. Following is an exact description of these approaches.

Improving the antioxidant system- Improving the antioxidant system may be the most promising thing todo to prevent or slow the progression of Parkinson's. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables can alsogreatly help this disease. Broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, and cabbage especially help. Here are some antioxidants that can be taken with pharmaceutical medicane:

-Twice a day take 100 to 250 mg of Vitamin C.

-While eating breakfast take 10 to 20 mg of lipoic acid , which helps generate glutathione.

-A good antioxidant that can help regenerate glutathione is N-acetyl cysteine. Do not take it every morning, but, at most, at doses of 250 mg.

- Selenium, which also raises levels of glutathione, can be taken with any meal at a dose of 50 to 100 micrograms.

-A dose of .3 to 1mg a couple times a week of melatonin can help with Parkinson's Disease.

Providing dopamine precursors- L-dopa helps slow Parkinson's. It converts into dopamine. Mucuna extract is a natural extract that has L-dopa. Tyrosine can be used if L-dopa is not available. Nadh, taken at a dose of 2.5 mg every other morning on an empty stomach, can also help raise dopamine levels.

Blocking dopamine breakdown- When taken at a dose of 5 mg a day, selegiline blocks dopamine breakdown. It is possible that the Chinese herbs codonopis and astragalus may help, but it has not been proven.

More nutrients to consider:

-A dosage of 30 mg each morning with breakfast of CoQ10 helps energy production in cells.

- Fish oils can be taken daily with meals at a dose of 500 to 1000 mg of EPA/DHA.

-Ginkgo biloba and siberian gensing taken with breakfast at a dosage of 40 to 60 mg helps improve memory and alertness.

Conclusion-Hopefully the above tips help, or at least slow the progression of Parkinson's Disease.

If you liked Dr. Sahelian's recommendations, we urge you to read his entire book: Mind Boosters: A Guide to Natural Supplements that Enhance Your Mind, Memory, and Mood. It is avialable at most book stores and at

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