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Jungian, Maple and Natural Sand Trays

We sell high quality Jungian, Maple and Natural Wood sand trays. These wooden sand trays are made to last. The outside coat is high quality paint. The primer we use is of high quality too. As specified by Carl Jung, our Jungian Sand Trays are painted green and have a blue bottom and are of similar measurements*. While some therapists use any container for a sand box or sand tray, try the extra advantage of a Jungian or Maple or Natural Wood (made of Popular) sand tray. All of our sand trays will hold water.

To order a sand tray, choose one of three sections depending on where you live within the United States. Our prices include shipping and handling. We build these Sand Trays in Petal, Mississippi. If you live in a state that is not far from us, choose the first group of Sand Trays. If you live in California, Oregon, Washington or Maine, choose the second group of Sand Trays. We have to charge sales tax for all those who live in Mississippi, so for ya all who live here, choose the third set of Sand Trays. We hope this is not too confusing.

As of 15 March 2022, we have two Sand Trays ready to ship. We have a Natural Sand Tray with blue sides, and a Natural Sand tray with natural sides on the interior. Both sand trays have the inside bottom painted blue. They are ready to ship with or without a lid. All other sand trays will only take at least three weeks to get ready to ship. Unfortuantely due to the High Increase of Wood and Shipping we had to raise the cost of each sand tray significantly. We are sorry about the increase. Our sand trays come without handles on the lids, but if you request in advance, we can put a handle on it. The advantage of not having a handle is that it is easier to stack other things on the sand tray. The sand tray's lid will easily open without a handle. We also can make trays according to your specifications.

If you would like a sand tray bluilt to your specification, please contact us. We have made sand trays out of special woods and we have made sand trays with different dimensions (e.g., five inches deep instead of three and a half). Please contact us by E-mail if you have any questions or would like a special order.

Zones to Ship to

Shipping Zones 1 - 5.

For those unfamiliar with sand trays, we will attempt to provide a brief description. Simply described, a sand tray is a small sand box designed for indoor use. Sand trays are used in working with children and sometimes adults. Participants may have a variety of diagnoses, but sand tray therapy is probably most often used with children who have been traumatized in some way. They are also used as an adjunct to other techniques.

For sand tray therapy, additional equipment includes a wide variety of toys, and high quality sand. Some therapists use wet sand, but high quality dry sand is also effective. Carl Jung theorized that the moisture in the sand, the colors of the box, and the wide variety of toys, help the child go into a slight trance to tap the child's unconscious processes. Most therapists use sand tray therapy to assess the child's current dilemmas and help the child resolve them. Sand tray techniques are thoroughly described in Images of the Self: The Sandplay Therapy Process by Estelle L. Weinrib. Please note that we do collect a small percentage of qualified purchases from this link, through our Association with

We can offer our quality sand trays for $180.00 plus shipping. Shipping and handling cost $50.00. For those who live in the central part of the United States, the total cost cost of a natural sand tray without a lid is $230.00. Most professionals want a lid for their sand tray. We can build you one for $30.00 with an additional $5.00 for shipping and handling. Thus for shipping and handling of a sand tray with a lid, the total cost is $265.00. to get the sand tray made from Maple, just add $20.00. The lid will not be made of Maple, but we try to match the color the best we can. Please check our pictue to see if you think it matches well. If you have any questions about the pricing, please feel free to send us an E-mail.

Please also note that sand is not included. If you can not find quality sand in your area, we can obtain sand for you. However, due to the costs of shipping, it would be less expensive for you to purchase sand in your area. It is very important that you purchase a fine grade sand often sold at hardware outlets as "playsand". Gritty sand or sand of inferior quality can be distracting to the child.

To order your own sand tray, simply pick out the appropriate Sand Tray and then please click the Paypal Graphic. You may also send a check or money order payable to Your Family Clinic. Our address is Your Family Clinic, LLC, 67 Mars Hill Road, Petal, MS 39465. Please also include your name, address, E-mail address and phone number. Make sure you let us know that which sand tray you have ordered.

We now build Sand Tray Stands. We make them in three designs to match the three types of Sand Trays that we sell. Unfortunately we have not figured out how to ship these Sand Tray Stands economically yet. So currently they are only availble for pick up at our location in Petal, Mississippi. For more information about our Sand Tray Stands, please click here.