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Your Family Clinic Exercise Section

Almost all exercise is good for our bodies. It adds health and wellbeing to ourselves which can dramatically increase our quality of life. There are thousands of ways to exercise. Exercise does not have to be expensive and it does not have to be time consuming. No matter how much time you don't have or what kind of physical condition you are in, you are likely to be able to find some sort of exercise that will help make improvements.

Exercise is not only good for your physical health, it is good for your emotional or mental health. Studies show that exercise can be just as effective or more effective at treating depression as an anti-depressant medication. It is also a great treatment for anxiety.

There are many differnet ways to exercise. We recommend you pick your favorite way, set a goal for yourself, start off small and then increase the time, quality and distance gradually until you have reached your goal. For example, suppose that your goal is to get a runner's body. You may also have the goal of being able to run a 5 K race. You would start off running around the yard. Then once running around the yard or around the house is comfortable, then make it a little longer. Maybe you can work up to taking a run around the block. As running around the block becomes comfortable, then try for a little longer. Keep doing this process until your goal is reached and you do regular exercise of a distance of 5 K. When you want to enter a race, you can.

Your goals may not have to do with running. You may want to do table tennis, or regular tennis, golf, basketball, lifting weights, working out in a gymn, yoga, thi-chi, arobic dancing (e.g., Zumba), desk exercises, sit ups, push ups, etc. The type of exercise is not really that important. Just so that it is exercise and that you do it regularly. That way you will get the physical and mental health benifits. So have fun exercising. If you cann't have fun at it, just do it anyway. Your body and brain will thank you.

If you are an enthusiast about running, check out our page about running.

We all need water. Our bodies are made mostly of water. Clean, clear water is a great detoxifier. Most drinking water is now poluted with toxins such as clorine, floride and many other chemicals. Even most plastic bottles are toxic with BPAs. Click here to get to our Water section to learn about great products that will help you provide clear, healthy drinking water to your family.

We also need air. We breath air. Some of us live in places with great fresh air to breath. Many of us do not. We can improve the quality of the air we breath. Click here to check our section on great products that will help you provide fresh air to breath in your abode.

Our bodies love exercise. . We may or may not be so fond of exercise. Our bodies love it and respond by being healthier. It gets harder and harder to exercise in our fast pace world, but it is so needed. Click here to view our section on the benefits of running.

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