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We specialize in making your home an environmentally safe place to live that will enhance your family’s well being. Our products and services will have a profound impact on you and your family’s health. We invite you to invest in your family’s wellness.

A great way to start is with clean, pure and healthy water!


Most water offered in South Central Mississippi has 80 to 140 parts per million of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). Five hundred parts per million is considered safe drinking water in the United States. No matter where you are at in the United States, if you were to use a distiller on your drinking water, you would likely see that the residual is oily and brown. This brown and oily substance is what you are constantly drinking if you drink water from your tap. Even if you have a common water filter, you drink the TDS of your water because most filters do not remove them. Distilling your water and using reverse osmosis are the only ways to significantly reduced TDS. Your Wellness Home offers you the ability to reclaim your tap water as pure and healthy drinking water. Over time, the system will pay for itself in the money your family normally spends on bottled water. Unlike most homes, you will have an unlimited supply of healthy, healing water, even better than most bottled waters. We offer water systems of reverse osmosis, distillation and the Nikken Phi Water systems that leave your filtered water in an alkaline state, tasty and the ions organized. You family will have the healthiest drinking water available! For a look at some of our water products click here.

Take and keep a breath of fresh air!


In the South, we have a big problem with dust, pollens, mold and other common air pollutants. Give your family a breath of fresh air by using Your Wellness Home air purification products. Your friends who visit will notice their sinuses clear up while they are in your house. The number of problems from allergies, asthma and viruses will dramatically be reduced when you purify your air. We offer air filters with non-ozone ion systems and Ultra Violent light systems for a room or for the whole house. For a look at some of our air filter products click here.

Get a good night sleep every night with our sleep systems.


Sleep is one of the most important factors to our overall health and well being. Our body performs the majority of its healing and regenerating through sleep. Do you consistently get a good night’s rest? Are all your family members sleeping soundly? Many children with Autism, Asperger’s Disorder and ADHD will improve significantly in their cognitive abilities and other symptoms from having a consistent restful night’s sleep. Many Americans are suffering from sleep deprivation because of stress and busy schedules. Our magnetic sleep systems offer a comfortable and restful night sleep consistently. Our Nikken sleep systems come in a variety of sizes and features.


Improve your health and vitality through nutrition.

What was once believed by the medical community as a non-essential, is now accepted as necessary. Vitamins and mineral supplements are an important ingredient in wellness. We offer a wide variety of high quality, bio-available, and scientifically researched nutritional products. We also sell high quality essential oils and other nutritional products from Young Living! We offer additional products that can slow down your body’s aging process.



Explore our many additional health care products!

Science and technology have made rapid advancements in so many areas of our life. They also have advanced in the area of wellness. Your Wellness Home has many high tech health minded home products that offer health and well being to everyone. We offer ionizing cook ware, pain management and healing through “far-infrared” technology and electro- magnetic technology, fitness systems and equipment that easily fit within your healthy life style.

To improve your quality of life, please let us help. Please call Your Wellness Home at 601-408-7203 or contact us via E-mail: Your Family Clinic (yourfam@bellsouth.net).

Make your home a Wellness Home.


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